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Mains Signalling System

Mains Signalling System by


Here at Xtra Sense we have been working for several years in the field of Mains Signalling and have developed our proprietary Merlin technology to provide dependable, long range signalling in large multi-storey, three-phase buildings in the presence of substantial amounts of electrical noise.

The Merlin technology effectively offers a long range wireless signalling system inside buildings and small groups of buildings. It is designed for simple data such as alarm and control signals and the communication of readings from sensors or monitoring equipment.

Built upon the effectiveness of the system, we have developed a range of Merlin based products and welcome the opportunity to work with new customers in applying our technology to innovative areas.

  • new wiring is not required, creating it a wireless signalling system
  • The mains are a hard-wired medium providing fail-safe circuits due to the use of ring-main wiring.
  • The data path is entirely predictable, not subject to unknown interference and propagation reflections.
  • Installation can be as simple as plugging in the system components
  • No aerial installation is required
  • No frequency variation from country to country or licensing issues.



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