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Grab-O-Matic Bespoke Products

Grab-O-Matic Bespoke Products by St Clare Engineering Ltd


Here at St Clare Engineering Ltd. we specialise in the manufacture of Grab-o-matic Drum Handling Fork Attachments. We are a global industry supplying products to assist with lifting, moving and tilting, steel, plastic or fibre-board construction drums.

We offer a variety of Bespoke Products. Grab-O-Matic Products in this range include:
Drum Handler Holding-Parking Station
Over Head Drum Cage
Reel Rotator
Door Scissor Grab
Bag Transfer Attachment
Tobacco Box Rotator
Drum Cage 750kg
Large Cabinet Rotator
Scissor Grab & Short Jib
Special Fixed Skip
QR Drum Cage
Small Spools Rack
Scissor Grab Billet Lifter
4 Single Drum Racks
Double Webbing Fork Attachment
Roller Fork
Gas Bottle Fork Attachment Platform
Wheelie Bin Fork Attachment
Wheelchair Cage Logitrans

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