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Epoxy Mastic 121

Product code: Epoxy Mastic 121
Epoxy Mastic 121 by Rustbuster Ltd.


Epoxy Mastic is a high build, high solids two pack (has a base and hardener) Epoxy paint coating for the renovation and protection of rusting and pitted steel exposed to severe environments. Epoxy Mastic can be applied successfully over wire brush cleaned steel and still offers the same exceptional performance as coatings applied over blast cleaned steel. Its finish is as hard as iron but flexes with the steel. See photo,s at the foot of this page of a customers VW restoration. Available in twelve standard colours or custom made in RAL or BS standard colours.

Epoxy Mastic will not flake, peel or blister – even under water. Resists oils, salt water and mechanical damage. Tough penetrating coating that is more flexible than the steel itself. Has six times the Epoxy Masticpenetration and adhesion of single pack products. Does not contain any harmful isocyanates. It will resist temperatures of up to 200c before discolouration, and 350c before blistering.

So how does it work?
Epoxy Mastic is a two component Epoxy paint composed of nanoscale corrosion protective pigments in short chain molecules with very low surface tension. 
This allows the paint to flow into all of the pits and troughs on the steel's surface, ensuring a tough penetrating primary bond. 
This is the best kind of bond you can get with a paint finish.The high build epoxy forms a super strong protective barrier over the corrosion inhibiting pigments that hug the steels surface Excellent penetration and adhesion within a high build coating equals exceptional mechanical strength.

Why can't other paints do this?
Single pack paints (paint without hardener) used to protect steel against rust are the most common products. These products have standard sized pigments bound in long chain molecules and as such tend to lay over the pits and troughs on the steel's surface because of their high surface tension, the larger pigments are not able to collect to form a tight pigment matrix. This allows voids to form beneath the paint's surface,the thin film of the coating is not able to offer sufficient barrier protection over the high points on the steels profile, rust pockets form in the voids, the paint blisters and moves onto the next void and so on. The system flakes, peels and blisters.
This scenario cannot happen with Epoxy Mastic using a primary bond. They also tend to have less solid content. This means that the peaks on the steel's profile are soon exposed to the atmosphere and once again rust forms in the void and the system breaks down. Epoxy- Mastic's high solids content of 83% means that the finished dry film thickness is on average 30% thicker than the best single pack paints available.

What is the finish like?
Epoxy Mastic can be brush or spray applied like any other paint. It is supplied with Epoxy thinners to reduce viscosity when painting smaller components. It can be painted over or left alone. 
It really is the complete answer, a high performance paint finish that has no equal. It's iron hard when cured but more flexible than the steel its coating. By spray the finish is flat and smooth. By brush or roller you may see some application marks.