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EPDM sponge

EPDM sponge by Zouch Converters


We’re suppliers and manufacturers of a wide range of sponge rubbers and one of our specialist sponges is EDPM.

It’s an incredibly flexible and resistant sponge rubber and we’re able to develop a wide range of densities, sizes, rolls, blocks, sheets which can all be self-adhesive backed, if required.

EPDM (also known as Ethylene Propylene Diene Monormer) is an expanded closed cell sponge. Its versatility ensures that it’s resistant to UV and weathering. Due to its closed cell structure it is entirely water and air resistant.

Our products combine high strength and durability with optimum resistance to ageing, weathering, UV and ozone resistance.

Naturally, all of our materials are offered in rolls, sheets, strips, die cut gaskets and pads, cross wound spools and endless long strips for easy processing and adaptation to meet all individual customer requirements.