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Voice control for comfort beds expands Smart Home range

With a full voice control solution for adjustable comfort beds, LINAK helps bed manufacturers and bed brands enter the future of home automation. It includes everything you need and is designed for easy set-up – for you and for the consumer.

Home automation and voice control are two key elements of what is probably the fastest growing trend today – ‘Smart Homes’. Everything from heating and ventilation to lights, locking the door, or turning on music can be controlled by voice, and market leaders, such as Google and Amazon, have been pushing development to set the agenda. As always, LINAK® supports new and innovative solutions.

Voice control of products in private homes is becoming a new standard. It is simple and powerful, and users do not have to pay too much attention while interacting with products.

How to include comfort beds in Smart Homes
With this in mind, we have developed an all-in-one ‘voice control’ package solution for your next adjustable comfort bed project. Containing a LINAK® Wi-Fi box, a cloud set-up, a number of ready-to-use skills/actions, and a customised app, you can include this solution with your next adjustable bed project. If you need help or want to see it for yourself, just ask – we are here for you!

Hands-free control – convenient and clean
Door handles and light switches in the home are traditionally operated by hand. In Smart Homes, one or more of these actions are controlled and adjusted by voice. This allows homeowners to turn on the light while cooking, or turn up the music while cleaning.

With LINAK voice control, a simple “Alexa, goodnight!” enables the user to adjust the bed to a sleeping position – just by using his or her voice. This is comfort taken to the next level; and reducing the need for regular cleaning of your usual remote controls and touch screens only makes the experience better.

Keep your brand image modern
The customised app in the package allows you to have your corporate colours and logo cover the app interface – literally making it your own. This brand-customised app follows your product and automatically makes the user associate your brand with quality and new tech.

With a LINAK voice control solution, you future-proof your product and support your brand – all while helping users change their daily routines and ultimately improve their life. Convenience and comfort on command.

Join the next technological era
A number of leading IT developers firmly believe in voice control. Enterprises, such as Microsoft, Apple, and Sonos, are all working hard to catch up with Google and Amazon, who have consolidated themselves as the first-movers1. Billions of dollars are being spent on providing the best solution, and users seem to be welcoming this vocal trend across America, Europe and Asia.

If you have questions about the voice control solution, how it integrates with your comfort bed system, or how we customise your app, please contact your local LINAK office.

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