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New Up-Down Shear Multi Trim router cutter

Designed by and unique to Wealden is an Up-Down Shear Multi-Trim cutter, available in either 8mm or 1/2 inch shank sizes.

These compression shear trimmers have two+two blades, which allow them to down-shear cut on both the top and bottom of the material being trimmed, ensuring a clean cut on both faces of the work. The cutters are especially suited to trimming veneered and faced boards.

The two-bearing design allows the cutter to be used with the template mounted on either side of the work and, consequently, it is possible to cut from either direction using only one template and without moving the template to the other side of the workpiece.

The new Up-Down Shear Multi-Trim cutters are available to buy online on the Wealden website at

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