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Kane Flue Gas Analyser 458s CPA1 Kit Special Offer

Kane 458s CPA1 Kit Free Flow Cup or Free Bahco Tool Kit

Kane 458 Boiler Analyser – Kane 458 CPA1 Kit

Key Features
  • Carbon monoxide measurement (0 to 20%)
  • Carbon dioxide measurement (0 to 2000ppm)
  • Incorporated wireless connection
  • Differential temperature and pressure measurement
  • Hydrogen (H2) ready up to 20% blend
  • Oxygen content calculation
  • Excess air calculation
  • CO/CO2 ratio calculation
  • Efficiency calculation
  • Let by/tightness testing
  • Automatic commissioning test sequence on boilers
  • Purge pump system protects CO sensor from over range
  • Suitable for wide range of fuels
  • Kane 10 Year Warranty
Supplied Accessories
  • Kane 458s Flue Gas Analyser
  • Probe
  • Pressure connectors
  • USB Charger
  • Quick reference guide & analyser calibration certificate
  • KANE IRP-2 Infra-red printer
  • KAL1 air liquid temperature probe
  • GLD/450plus gas leak detector
  • Two KPCP clamp-on temperature probes
  • ASP2 appliance sampling probe kit
  • 12v in vehicle charger
  • Pressure hose
  • Large carry bag
Standalone Analyser Standard Kit PRO Kit CPA1 Kit Oil Kit
Kane 458s Flue Gas Analyser
Wireless Connectivity
Pressure Connectors
CO Sensor Purge Pump Protection
KANE IRP-2 Infra-red printer
Air/liquid temperature probe
GLD450 Plus Gas Leak Detector
Pipe Clamp Temperature Probes 2 2
Pressure connection hose
ASP2 Appliance Sampling Probe Kit
Oil pressure test set
Calibration Report
Carry Case
Kane 458s & Kane 258 Analysers

The Kane 458s Flue Gas Analyser is a formidable tool capable of completing a variety of tasks crucial for commissioning and performing maintenance on gas systems & boilers. The Kane 258 Combustion Flue Gas Analyser meanwhile is an ideal instrument ideal for servicing or installing oil or gas boilers, with less features than the 458s but more affordable.

Kane 258 KANE 458s
Combustion Performance Checks Yes Yes
Combustion Efficiency Checks Yes Yes
CO safety checks Yes
Flue Draughts Yes
CO 0 – 2,000pm Yes Yes
O2 0 – 21% Yes Yes (option)
Differential Temperature Yes
CO2 direct with an Infra-Red sensor 0 – 20% Yes
Differential pressure meter +/- 80mbrar Yes
NO 0 – 600ppm Yes (option)
CO 0 – 10,000ppm Yes (option)
CO2 0 – 20% Yes Yes
CO / CO2 ratio Yes Yes
Excess Air Yes Yes
Combustion Efficiency Yes Yes
O2 Yes
Analyser Yes Yes
Probe Yes Yes
USB Charger Yes Yes
IRP-2 Infrared Printer Yes (option) Yes (option)
Carry Bag Yes (option) Yes (option)
Pressure Connectors Yes
Air / Liquid temperature probe Yes (option)
GLD450 Plus Gas Leak Detector Yes (option)
Pipe Clamp Temperature Probes Yes (option)
Pressure Connection hose Yes (option)
ASP2 Appliance Sampling Probe Kit Yes (option)
Oil Pressure test set Yes (option)
Includes Wireless Module
  • Transfer analyser readings to your PC using a KANE LIVE software.
  • Send printout data to your mobile device using the free Kane printer app.

Wireless android module

Wireless iOS module


Part Number: Kane 458s CPA1 Kit

Replaces Part Number: Kane 456 CPA1 Kit, Kane 458 CPA1 Kit

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