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AV Installation Worksop

AV Installation Worksop – we have just completed an AV Installation in a new gym in Worksop, South Yorkshire with the Audio & Visual installation of a Cloud Electronics Sound System solution and Seven Samsung 55″ Commercial TV Screens.

Within the main area of the Gym we have installed twelve Cloud CSC8 ceiling speakers throughout the area which are a 75 watt 8 inch ceiling speaker which gives them adequate coverage throughout the work out areas.

In the dance studio next door we have installed another six Cloud CSC8 8″ ceiling speakers and in the spin room and golf simulation room we have installed another two CSC8 ceiling speakers in each room.

Within the dance Studio we have also installed a Cloud BT1 bluetooth wall plate along with a Cloud RSL6 volume control plate and we have done the same in the spin room so that they can play their own music in each room and adjust the volume level in each room. Within the main gym area we have also installed another Cloud BT1 bluetooth plate so that they can do classes with their own music playlist.

In the main office downstairs we have installed a Cloud RSL6 which controls the source and volume within the main gym area along with a Cloud PM4 paging microphone so that they can make an announcement to any of the areas throughout the gym from the office.

Within the office area upstairs we have installed a Cloud Z4 zone mixer, Denon media player, Audio Technica Pro 10 dual radio mic system with headset microphones and five Crown stereo amplifiers within the equipment cabinet.

Within the dance studio we have installed two Samsung 55″ Commercial TV screens on wall arm brackets which are connected to the customers MyZone fitness system. In the main gym area we have installed the other five Samsung 55″ commercial screens on wall arm brackets which will show Freeview or digital advertising and are also connected to the customers MyZone fitness system.

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