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Zinc Sulphide Windows

Product code: Zinc Sulphide
Zinc Sulphide Windows by Global Optics UK Ltd


Optical Material Data – Zinc Sulphide Windows

Zinc Sulphide – Regular Grade

Optical Material used for lenses, windows, prisms, mirrors and filters.
Windows are used to isolate different physical environments whilst allowing light to pass.

When selecting windows it is important to consider the following:

Wavefront Distortion

Material Specification:

Transmission Range – 0.37-14.0 µ
Crystal Structure – Polycrystalline Cubic
Cleavage Plane – None
Colour – Opaque
Density -4.09
Solubility Index – 65×10-6 / 100gm Water
Hardness (Knoop) – 210-240kg/mm2
Thermal Conductivity (Cal/cm sec°C) – 0.16 (W/cm°C)
Thermal Expansion coefficient (/°C) – 6.8×10-6 (6/°K)

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