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Zero Clips Quick Release Clamps

Product code: Zero Clips Quick Release Clamp
Zero Clips Quick Release Clamps by Zero Clips Ltd


Zero Clips Quick Release Clamps

This US style of Quick Release clip, offers the customer speed, cost effectiveness and quality. The clip is first taken out of the box in its ‘free' state. The screw is not engaged on the band but captured on a pivot washer at the screws base. The band is applied to the hose / tube / pipe etc. and fed through the housing, underneath the screw until hand tight. The screw is then swivelled down to lie on the band, as a normal hose clip, and then tightened with a screwdriver / nut runner. To take off the clip, simply un-screw the clip, lift the screw from the band, and pull. The clip is off. Simple!

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