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Wingline-radiant heating panels

Product code: Wingline radiant heating panel
Wingline-radiant heating panels by Wings Radiant Heating Ltd.


Here at Wings Radiant Heating we specialise in heating providing our customers and clients with quality products at high standards.

One of the ranges we offer our customers includes Wingline Range.

The Wingline Panels are Lightweight radiant heating panels consisting of two types of Panels EE or EEP profiles.

Each arrangement consist of 28 mm Steel waterway tubes with rectangular headers. The steel tubes are spring-clipped to aluminium or steel profiles, to ensure maximum contact between the alu-minium or Steel profiles to create efficient heat transference to the faceplate.

The Wingline products can also come with integrated lighting known as Lit strip.

All panels are designed to be Free-hung from low level positions to high level positions.

Within the rear of the panels cross section is fitted with 50mm insulation.

The Wingline panel is stabilised by a two part profile made from galvanised sheet used to enable variable suspension detail.

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