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Vacuum Test Chambers by Weiss Technik UK Ltd.

Vacuum Test Chambers


Our Vacuum Temperature and Climatic Test Chambers enable reproducible tests of highly stressed components in the aviation industry. The chambers allow the simulation of extreme flight programs in accordance with the relevant standards.

The WK/D and VKH models are available as standard with humidification and dehumidification equipment with a humidity sensor.

Additional chamber options are also available including temperature extension to +180°C, door with observation window and sound insulation.

Product features:

  • Choice of temperature ranges:-40°C to +100°C, -70°C to +100°C
  • Climatic range from +10°C to +95°C – WK/D and VKH Series only
  • Humidity range from 15%RH to 95%RH – WK/D and VKH Series only
  • Combined temperature and vacuum test 400 mbar
  • Choice of capacities – 162, 315, 512, 1060 and 1387 litre
  • 8" colour touch panel
  • S!MPAC control and monitoring system
  • High/low temperature safety cut out according to EN 60519-02 (1993) with separate sensor, thermal safety class 2
  • USB and Ethernet interfaces
  • Potential-free switching inputs and outputs
  • Contactless switching of heating elements
  • Entry port, 50mm Ø
  • Water-cooled condensers
  • Door hinged on left-hand side with optimum pressure when closed
  • Stainless steel test space walls, vacuum and vapour-tight welded
  • Corrosion-resistant exterior, galvanised sheet steel, with environmentally-friendly coating
  • Humidity calculator and integrated threshold value monitoring system for humidity – WK/D and VKH Series only
  • Low water indicator – WK/D and VKH Series only
  • Capacitive humidity measurement – WK/D and VKH Series only
  • (Specific) temperature condition system in the climate working range high temperature and humidity constancy – WK/D and VKH Series only

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