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Vacuum Heating and Drying Ovens by Weiss Technik UK Ltd.

Vacuum Heating and Drying Ovens


Hereaus Vacuum Ovens Series 6000 vacutherm® ovens uncompromisingly meet all demands relating to heat treatment in vacuum, whether simple routines or complicated processes up to 400 °C are involved. Starting with high quality standard models, application specific configurations can be realised through selection from a wide range of equipment options.

Advantages of Hereaus Vacuum Ovens User comfort With the inert gas connection incorporating a precision valve, process gas is dispensed accurately. Drying times are therefore reduced and condensation is prevented. Furthermore, the precision valve can safely prevent blowing of powders when the vacuum chamber is ventilated.

Corrosion resistance The vacuum chamber is made of high quality stainless steel (1.4571) with outstanding corrosion resistance.

Economic viability With their high quality standard features, extreme reliability and state of the art safety concepts, vacutherm® ovens offer the best price/performance ratio.

Safety tested Kendro has set new safety standards with Heraeus® vacutherm® 6000 Vacuum Drying Ovens. With the double-pane door made of safety glass, for instance, implosion protection is guaranteed throughout the equipment's working life. The glass cannot become brittle or dull as with plastic. Special versions are available for drying applications that involve flammable solvents.

Process safety With heating systems that have been tried and tested for decades, uniform and reproducible drying and heat treatment is ensured.

Time saving Jacket- or shelf-heating results in reduced heating-up times. Process times are up to six times faster than in conventional Vacuum Drying Ovens.

Vacuum applications offer many benefits:
Gentle drying of heat sensitive materials
Significantly reduced drying times
Residue free drying of intricately designed parts
Elimination of oxidation associated with heat treatment
Safe drying of flammable solvents
Targeted recovery of degassed products

Modular design
Two types of heating Temperatures to 200, 300 and 400
°C Total volumes of 53 and 128 l
Standard features
User friendly Kelvitron® t microprocessor controller for jacket heated ovens and Digicon® multi-channel Controller for shelf heated ovens
Upper limit cut-out for oven and product protection
Certified safety (GS-mark)
Vacuum chamber made of stainless steel (1.4571),electropolished, 100 % rounded corners, easy-to-clean and corrosion resistant
Stainless steel vacuum fittings, tubing and ball valve
Analogue pressure display
Rapid ventilation valve for quick ventilation of the chamber
Additional precision valve for gentle ventilation Inert gas connection for controlled atmosphere
A safety valve prevents overpressure inside the vacuum chamber DN 25 access port in the rear wall

Two types of heating The vacutherm® 6000 series is available with two different types of heating: model M, jacket heating: Heat transfer from the vacuum chamber via the shelves to the load model P, shelf heating: The shelves incorporate heating coils. Heat is transferred directly to the load. The benefits of shelf heating The direct energy transportation ensures rapid heating-up and process times. Drying process times can be reduced as much as 6 fold compared to standard drying methods.

Vacuum Heating and Drying Ovens
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