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Adiabatic Coolers

Product code: Trusted Adiabatic Coolers
Adiabatic Coolers by F&R Products Ltd


Here at F&R Products, we specialise in manufacturing specialist industrial water cooling equipment. Following the fall of F&R Cooling, a former employee decided to form F&R Products in 2000, and continue trading. With the combined expertise of new, old and former employees, we have helped F&R grow into the business it is today with our brilliant customer service skills and friendly, knowledgeable staff.

One of the products we offer our customers are Adiabatic Coolers.

Key Features of these superb Coolers include:
Achieves water off temperatures as low as to within 5°C of wet bulb elements
Fine mist spray reducing air temperature of the cooling coil
Ultraviolet light water treatment system
Removes need for chemical water treatment
Water temperatures below dry bulb elements

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