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Siber System Portable Insulated Containers

Product code: Siber System
Siber System Portable Insulated Containers by Olivo Cold Logistics


Here at Olivo UK we specialise in the manufacture and supply of insulated containers, eutectics and cryogenics refrigeration for the UK and global cold chain logistics marketplace.

For major logistics operations, Olivo offer a semi-automated cryogenic refrigeration process called Siber System®.

The Dry Ice is produced at the warehouse from liquid CO2 stored in a refrigerated bulk tank. The Dry Ice need is calibrated and injected directly into the Siber System® tank positioned in the top part of the ROLL.

This cryogenic process includes the Dry Ice injection station, adjusting automatically the injected amount of Dry Ice according to specific operational conditions. Siber System® is a twin refrigeration system designed to maintain chilled and/or frozen temperatures for over 24 hours.

Siber System® is a patented system specific to OLIVO insulated containers.

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