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Pneumatic Hoists by Red Rooster Industrial (UK) Ltd.

Pneumatic Hoists


A comprehensive range of quality air hoists suitable for both industrial and marine environments. They are particularly suited to environments where there is a risk of explosion due to inflammable gases or where the duty is onerous. Red Rooster air hoists comply with the European Machinery Directive and are CE marked.

Red Rooster supply spark proofed versions of all their "Compact" and "Large Capacity" air hoists together with their entire range of air hoist trolleys.

In production and storage operations, inflammable gases, vapours and mist combined with air, may form an explosive atmosphere. Such gases and vapours are classified under European legislasion. Red Rooster "spark resistant" air hoists are suitable for use in ATEX Cat 2 and CENELEC Zone 1 & 2 classified areas.

Our spark resistant air hoists are used extensively in the offshore, onshore, petrochemical, mining, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Red Rooster Air Hoist Rental Fleet

Over 320 air hoists including 30 over 25 tonne capacity.

Air trolleys up to 50 tonne capacity.
Special Low headroom air hoists and air trolleys up to 25 tonne capacity.
Spark resistant air hoists and air trolleys.


Travel speed up to 20 mpm.
Single flanged wheels (on monorail and underslung units).
Double flanged wheels (top running crab units).
Rubber anti-collision buffers.
Anti-drop plates.
Adjustable flange widths.
Zone 1 spark resistant models (see spark resistance).
A choice of two hoist drum lengths available for each model.
Fixed mount, powered trolleys, manual trolleys, and geared trolleys available.
Upper and lower limit switches available
Automatic overload protection.
Long travel limit switches.
Articulated trolley units (for curved monorail beams).
Alternative paint colours.
Alternative paint systems.
Top running crab units for double girder cranes.
Overhead crane end carriage kits.

air hoists, atex hoists, compact hoists, heavy duty, pneumatic hoists
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