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NovaScope 6000 – Precision Thickness Gauge

Product code: NOVASCOPE 6000


NovaScope 6000 – Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Product Code: NOVASCOPE 6000

NovaScope 6000 – Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Introducing… The ALL New NovaScope 6000

For More than 35 years, the NovaScope series of Precision Thickness Gauges have remained the world’s finest gauges available! Now, that tradition is set to continue well into the future. The NovaScope continues to incorporate a full colour touch screen display featuring virtual front panel controls that mimic the same layout as it’s predecessors. Users already familiar with the setup and operation of previous NovaScope models will feel right at home. Previous calibration procedures continue to directly apply to the NovaScope.

A New Bright, High Speed, High Contrast TFT display offering almost a digital phosphor look, closely emulating the favourite CRT that has been offered on all NovaScope's previously.. (by popular demand). This new fluid like display is sure to satisfy the most discriminating users… old & new.

All this AND, STILL the finest thickness measuring instrument available!

NovaScope 6000 Thickness Testing Applications Include:
• Turbine Blades 
• Tubing 
• Pipe 
• Sheet 
• Plate 
• Extrusions 
• Billets 
• Liners & Casings 
• Chemical milling 
• Castings
• Stampings 
• Graphite Composites 
• Carbon-Carbon Comp 
• Kevlar Composites 
• Fibreglass Composites 
• Blow Mouldings 
• Wax Castings 
• Valves 
• Forgings 
• Tyres 
• Cladding 
• Heat Exchangers 
• Machined Parts 
• Bars 
• Shrouds 
• Lenses 
• Tanks / Drums 
• Pressure Vessels 
• Corrosion / Erosion 
• Discs 
• Drawn / Spun Parts 
• Bottles

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