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LMK Flexible Heating Jackets

LMK Flexible Heating Jackets by LMK Thermosafe Ltd


Here at LMK Thermosafe Ltd we specialise in the design & manufacture of high quality heating technology.

One of the products we offer our customers includes LMK Flexible Heating Jackets.

Our jackets are available in sizes & with power ratings to suit specific applications. The use of High quality insulation &direct contact with the drum ensures higher efficiency than traditional band heaters.

Our heating jackets are ideal for a wide range of containers including:

Gas bottles
Key Features include:

Replace energy greedy silicone band and barrel heaters
Insulation keeps the heat in the container, not wasted into the air
Suitable for plastic, fibre and metal containers including IBC's and totes
Variety of sizes and power ratings from 5 litre pot to 1000 litre IBC heaters
Adjustable or fixed temperature thermostats from anti-frost to 180 C
Silicone insulated spiral wound elements
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