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Labino En-Liten White Light add on

Product code: Labino En-Liten L2001
Labino En-Liten White Light add on


Labino EN-LITEN – White Light Add on 

Product Code: EN-LITEN

EnLiten – White LED After Inspection Light (add on optional accessory)

Labino’s mission is to improve the working environment of the operative NDT engineer and create precise instruments that helps identify the defects. Labino now offers the first white light LED for after inspection especially designed for MPXL lights and BigBeam. The Labino EnLiten (L2001) is a small-sized, Lightweight white light LED lamp designed to be mounted on a Labino MPXL lamp or Labino BigBeam. The Labino EnLiten is designed to be used as an after inspection light (to search for indications) performing NDT. The lamp is easy to mount on your existing Labino BigBeam or MPXL light as it easily slides into one of the tracks on the side or on the top of the Lamp. The small white light accessory lamp is easily mounted on the MPXL or BigBeam in a few minutes. The Labino EnLiten contains one(1) light emitting diode (LED). The LED creates more than 300 Lux (27.9 foot Candle) at a distance of 38cm (15 inches). Full power is reached instantly. The on/off button is positioned in the back of the lamp for easy activation. At full charge the battery provides up to 1.5 hours of use. Recharge from a normal outlet with the included chargers.(approx. 2hours). Weight including battery 121 grams.

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