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ISonic 3510 Phased Array Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Product code: ISonic 3510
ISonic 3510 Phased Array Ultrasonic Flaw Detector


Sonotron ISonic 3510


The Sonotron ISonic 3510 – Very Powerful Superior Performance Extremely Portable Smart Phased Array Ultrasonic Flaw Detector & Recorder with 2 Conventional UT & TOFD Channels.


ISONIC 3510 uniquely combines PA, single- and multi-channel conventional UT, and TOFD modalities providing 100% raw data recording and imaging. Along with the intuitive user interface, portability, lightweight, and battery operation this makes it suitable for all kinds of every-day ultrasonic inspections.


The PA modality is carried by the fully parallel non-multiplexed 32:32 electronics with independently adjustable emitting and receiving aperture, each may consist of 1…32 elements when operating one PA probe or 1…16 elements per probe in case of operating two PA probes simultaneously: there is no external splitter required for the simultaneous use of 2 PA probes. The 64- and 128-elements PA probes may be used with the ISONIC 3510 as well upon they are connected to the corresponding instrument’s terminals through the various miniature extenders expanding the functionality to the fully parallel 1 X 64:64, 2 X 32:32, 1 X 128:128, and 2 X 64:64 modes with no multiplexing involved (depending on the type and quantity of the extenders). The groups of phased array probe elements composing the emitting and receiving aperture may be fully or partially matching or totally separated allowing flexible managing of the incidence angles, focal distances, types of radiated and received waves including directly reflected and diffracted signals either mode converted or not.


Each channel is equipped with the own pulser-receiver and A/D converter. Parallel firing, A/D conversion, and ”on-the-fly” digital phasing are performed for every possible composition and size of the emitting and receiving aperture so the implementing of each focal law is completed within a single pulsing/receiving cycle providing the maximal possible speed of material coverage.


ISONIC 3510 allows using of the various types PA probes: linear and ring arrays, dual linear arrays, matrix arrays, etc.


In addition to the PA electronics ISONIC 3510 carries 2 independent conventional channels for implementing of the regular UT and TOFD inspection; each channel is capable for both single and dual modes of use.


The top level ultrasonic performance is achieved through firing PA, TOFD, and conventional probes with the bipolar square wave initial pulse with wide-range-tunable duration and amplitude (up to 300 Vpp). The high stability of the initial pulse amplitude within entire duration of the positive and negative half-waves, the extremely short boosted rising and falling edges and the automatic adaptive damping improve the signal to noise ratio and resolution allowing controlling of the analogue gain over the 0…100 dB range for each modality.


ISONIC 3510 is a very powerful platform for the huge number of the practical PA UT applications available for the activation at any moment. Thanks to the unique True-To-Geometry Volume Overlap Coverage and Real Time Imaging the ISONIC 3510 is suitable for the high performance inspection of the simple and complex geometry welds (butt, longitudinal, fillet, lap, corner, elbow, etc) with scanning from one or both sides simultaneously (if applicable), bolts, bridge hanger pins, wind turbine and other shafts, annular rings, flanges, rails and railway axles and wheels, CRFP and GRFP composite panels and profiled stuff, and the like. The precise and easy reproducible automatic Equalizing of the Sensitivity within Entire Cross-Section / Volume of the Material is provided by the unique TCG-independent angle gain / gain per focal law compensation solution along with the DAC / TCG image normalization.


Thanks to the above noted True-To-Geometry Volume Overlap Coverage and Imaging and Equalizing of the Sensitivity within Entire Cross-Section / Volume of the Material the inspection results produced by the ISONIC 3510 are easy interpretable and well acceptable by the UT Pros and non-Pros as well