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Custom Embedded by BVM Limited

Custom Embedded

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Custom Embedded
In addition to supplying embedded boards and chassis BVM is able to provide a true customisation service. This can range from minor tweaks to standard building blocks to completely new chassis and boards tailored specifically to an end application. Unlike many distributors BVM is a design authority in its own right and has board designers available to provide the full customisation service where this is appropriate.

The normal process of a project is for the client to specify his requirements. This is normally a list of mandatory and desirable features or sometimes a crude mock-up of a finished system. Once agreed the client places an order for a "proof of concept". In effect this is a first prototype which BVM and the client use to hone the final design. Following this a pre-production batch is built before full scale production is started.

To complement the bespoke hardware design BVM also provides an installation and customisation service for Windows XPEmbedded and WES7 operating systems. As a Microsoft Embedded Partner BVM has the tools targetetted at minimising time to market for your product.

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