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Cable Clamp Super Duty PA238RONylon 6 Black by

Cable Clamp Super Duty PA238RONylon 6 Black

Sold by

Cable Clamp Super Duty PA238RONylon 6 Black

Description Cable Clamp PA 238 RO
Will Fit Cable Dimensions 6-13
Thickness 0.6 to 1.5
Diameter 8.0
Centers 31.0
A 11.6
B 16.5
C 45.0

Material: Nylon 6
Colour: Black
Flammability Rating: UL94V-2
GWT: 850°C
Working Temperature: -5°C to +125°C (short time 155°C)
RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC compliant

The above cable clamps are not supplied with screws. The screws need to be ordered separately. 2 screws are required per cable clamp.

Clamping screws required as follows:
Cable Clamp 3541561 requires 2x 9990277 per clamp
Cable Clamp 3541564 requires 2x 9990937 per clamp
For example, when ordering 100 x 3541561, please remember to also order 200 x 9990277.

* Securely clamps wire and cable to chassis
* Re-usable
* Resistant to corrosion, salt water, weak acids, grease and common solvents

Cable Clamp Super Duty PA238RONylon 6 Black Product code: 3541561
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