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Automated Ultrasonic Testing Systems – ScanMaster

Product code: Ultrasonic testing systems AUT


Automated Ultrasonic Testing Systems


ScanMaster ultrasonic immersion systems are designed for high throughput, multi shift operation in an industrial or lab environment. These fully integrated systems provide various scanning configurations and incorporate conventional and phased arrays technologies to support diverse applications, such as inspection of disks, bars, shafts, billets and plates.


All of ScanMaster immersion systems are built from high accuracy scanning frames allowing for scanning of complex parts and include a multi-channel ultrasonic instrument with exceptional performance. The systems are approved by all major manufacturers for C-scan inspection of jet engine forged discs.


Together with a comprehensive set of software modules these flexible series of systems provide the customer with the best price performance solutions.


Features and Benefits

• Wide variety of different size modular systems

• Powerful teach-in and scanning software allowing for inspection of complex 3D parts.

• Off-line part programming by importing the part model from CAD file

• A, B and C-scan data processing and analysis tool kit. Includes a reach library of tools for analysis and evaluation of scan results

• 1000 Gates, advanced algorithm for automatic evaluation of jet engine discs scan results

• Comprehensive inspection report, standard and customized versions

• High-resolution, gimbal-gimbal probe manipulator with protective electro-mechanical breakaway, which prevents damage to manipulator, transducers and part under inspection in case of collision

• High-performance turntable with self-centering chucks

• Automation of major functions provides time savings and prevents operator errors



• Continuous motion or two-position motorized lifting device for easy loading and unloading Motorized chucking for quick part clamping

• Application-tailored multi-transducer probe holder

• Interface to loading/unloading industrial robot for fully automated inspection

• Transportable version with quick installation and ready for operation (SKAN200,   SKAN500 Series) 

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