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Product code: 040 WELD THRU PRIMER
040 WELD THRU PRIMER by Rustbuster Ltd.


Rustbuster Weld Thru primer represents a real break through in reduced burn weldable primers.A two pack modified zinc silicate shopprimer designed to be a fully weldable cuttable anti corrosion pre fabrication primer with minimum burn back 50% less burnback than our previous Weld -Thru primer.Will not give off harmfull fumes during welding.Suitable for MIG , TIG & MAG / G-FCAW welding. 
Prime as you build with Rustbuster Weld-Thru primer. 
On certain fabrications inner sills etc. you will have to build from the inside before the outer sill can be welded on. This scenario is perfect to use our weld thru primer. As you clean and cut each section weld thru can be used this will prevent any future corrosion Weld thru is dry and ready to weld in 5 minutes. When welding new steel to the Weld-Thru coated steel the weld will have better penetration with the minimum amount of burn back. The weld can be cleaned and coated prior to the application of the outer sill panel. When completed the sill can then be injected with a cavity wax…"Rustbuster Corrosion Free Engineering" 
Better surface preparation will ensure best results apply weld through to coarse DA sanded, MBX die blast cleaned or blast cleaned steel. 
Rustbuster has tested Weld through with the "ENVIROSTRIP" body stripping and phoshating process with excellent results. 
Weld thru can be applied over steel treated with Rustbuster Phos-Kleen b. 
Our own in house test samples on the pictures to your right 
picture 2 weld thru in the red over phos-kleen treated steel. Red is the Weld -Thru note reduced burn back. 
picture 3 reverse of sample showing excellent penetration through the Weld thru primer. 
Pictute 4 is flap wheel abraded steel panel primed and welded. Note the burn back on the steel itself and the primer to the left has not been removed. 
The product is only available in Red. 
Colour: Red 
Flexibility : very good 
Gloss : Flat 
Water resistance : Very good 
Solvent resistance : Excellent 
Abrasion resistance : Excellent 
Chemical resistance : Excellent within pH 6 – 10 
Film thickness per coat 
15 – 20 um dft dry film thickness 
55 – 70 um wft wet film thickness 
Coverage: 10m2 per ltr 
Application Airless or conventional spray 15 – 23 tip 
Brush may be used for touch up or small areas. 
Mix ratio 2 parts comp A (hardener) to 1 parts comp B ( zinc paste) ,mixing pot supplied with each pack 
Thinner is no longer supplied with the kit Weld thru primer is now ready to use 
Drying times at 23c 
Surface dry 1 – 3 minutes 
Hard dry 3 – 5 minutes