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Wealden add new blocks to spindle tooling range

Latest additions to the Wealden online spindle tooling range include a Glue Finger Joint block, Multi-Profile Panel Raising block, an Up-Down Shear Rebate block and a Folding Chamfering block.

The Glue Finger Joint block is suitable for producing "finger style" reversible glue joints in softwood, hardwood, plywood and all man-made boards.

Manufactured from hard-wearing alloy, the Multi-Profile Panel Raising block accepts a range of interchangeable knives and limitors. All profiles 700 to 706 can be used on the same block, which will also produce a 45 degree chamfer with the timber run above the block.

The Up-Down shear rebate block is made of hardwearing alloy with two up-shear and two down-shear replaceable TC knives. Suitable for finish sizing board that is laminated on both the top and bottom, the shear cut gives a clean cut on both faces of the board with little chipping.

The Folding Chamfering block, also made of hardwearing allow, produces V-grooves, chamfers and rebates in all timbers on a tilt arbor spindle moulder. The block produces a very good quality cut in all timber and boards.

Full details are available on the website, where all blocks, associated blades and spare parts can be ordered for immediate despatch. Wealden's router cutters, spindle moulder tooling, drills, circular, jigsaw and bandsaw blades are to be found at

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