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11/18/2011 | » SC-Project: Eichhof Medical Center | VISUS

Customer: Eichhof Medical Center | Solution: VISUS JiveX
Version: en-2010-09, Size:

11/18/2011 | » SC-Project: Dr Horst Schmidt Clinical Center | nexus

Customer: Dr Horst Schmidt Clinical Center | Solution: nexus
Version: en-2010-09, Size:

11/18/2011 | » SC-Project: KESO | Docuware

Customer: KESO | Solution: Docuware
Version: en-2010-08, Size:

11/18/2011 | » SC-project: Moenchengladbach City Hospital | AGFA

Customer: Moenchengladbach City Hospital | Solution: AGFA IMPAX ES
Version: en-2010-08, Size:

11/18/2011 | » SC-Project: Schwan-STABILO Cosmetics | OpenText

Customer: Schwan-STABILO Cosmetics | Solution: OpenText
Version: en-2010-07, Size:

11/18/2011 | » SC-Project: Stryker Trauma | Docuware

Customer: Stryker Trauma | Solution: Docuware
Version: en-2010-02, Size:

11/18/2011 | » SC-Project: Schwarzach Hospital | AGFA

Customer: Schwarzach Hospital | Solution: AGFA IMPAX EE
Version: en-2010-01, Size:

11/18/2011 | » SC-Project: m&i Fachklinik Ichenhausen | synedra

Customer: m&i Fachklinik Ichenhausen | Solution: synedra AIM
Version: en-2009-11, Size:

11/18/2011 | » SC-Project: Country District Office of Regen | easy

Customer: Country District Office of Regen | Solution: easyArchive
Version: en-2009-11, Size:

12/16/2010 | » Success Story: Moenchengladbach City Hospital

Effortless, fast and secure: The Manchengladbach City Hospitals now rely on long-term archiving with Silent Cubes | Solution: AGFA IMPAX
Version: EN-2010-08, Size: 799.73 KB

11/30/2010 | » Success Story: HSK Wiesbaden

Dr. Horst Schmidt Clinical Center relying on Silent Cubes for revision-safe long-term archiving of images and diagnostic findings | Solution: NEXUS
Version: 2010-09-en, Size: 780.63 KB

11/30/2010 | » Success Story: Schwan-STABILO Cosmetics

Schwan-STABILO Cosmetics thrilled by long- term data archiving with Silent Cubes from FAST LTA | Solution: Open Text
Version: 2010-09-en, Size: 729.22 KB

11/30/2010 | » Success Story: Eichhof Medical Center

Silent Cubes to grow right along with image management expansion at Eichhof Medical Center | Solution: VISUS
Version: 2010-09-en, Size: 777.82 KB

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