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Positive People Wanted in Devon

A social enterprise charity Exeter based is looking for practical-hands-on-help and support to co-manage a non-profit social enterprise and to help raise vital funds to build an alternative technology education centre for the South West of England. (The first of it’s kind in the UK)

A1 Positive Recycling Project is a non-profit community project, who aim to build up a positive management team and local trustees as part of CSR in Exeter, Devon this will help lead the future development of our social enterprise charity and help cut global warming in Exeter and Devon, this will help us to create Eco-Friendly Technology products and services and open up grant funding for the South West of England. 

CEO and Founder Neil said he was looking for positive dynamic and committed individuals who want the positive opportunity to be part of a local steering group to save the world from human destruction, Neil said they are looking for committed and dedicated individuals who are dedicated and want to work as part of a vital team who will gain practical-hands-on-skills and experience and be dedicated to support the community enterprise and help co-manage and run pilot project’s in Exeter and Devon, even become part of our management team after completing our three month work trial with A1 Positive Recycling Project based in Exeter, Devon.

A1 Positive Recycling specialize in local on-site data wiping, computer & mobile phone recycling, local IT refurbishment for working equipment only above and beyond the 2007 EEE Directive which currently still does not work properly in the UK under EU waste producer responsibility Since 1990.

Neil is the CEO and Founder of A1 Positive Recycling Project which he started out in the white and brown goods industry in 1990 and then in 1997 became an IT technician upgrading and repairing computers as well as providing Eco-friendly services in Exeter and Devon, he has built up a customer base of over 1100 clients since 1998.

The Not-For-Profit aims to reduce the local carbon footprint in Exeter and Devon for all our clients through our local refurbishment and reuse project and to expand on our client base in Exeter and Devon.

 Did you know that under the EU producer responsibility 1990 Waste legislation currently does not work locally in the UK and currently that Britain dumps more waste to third world countries than any other country in the EU, Fact. For every £10 a person spends on food in the UK £5 is for packaging. So for every £40 Shop you are only actually getting £20 in actual food Fact. 

In May 2005 Neil received an Un Ltd level 1 Millennium award and a Co-op Community Dividend grant that helped him to setup the social enterprise with Cooperatives UK and was recognised as a community champion for the most innovative project of the year in 2005 by unltd.

Neil said the planned alternative technology education centre would be aimed at training, educating and empowering adults and people with minor learning difficulties under NEETS, it would also inspire new innovation, solutions and inventions in the South West of England as well as giving young people practical-hands-on-skills never before taught here in the UK. 

“Help Save The Environment To Save The World”

There are two types of partnerships:

Informal partners are those who help with the working up of A1 Positive Recycling and may be involved in the delivery (e.g. members of a project steering group, or informal advisors) Such partners may be drawn from the voluntary, statutory or commercial sector, where mutual objectives are being met, or the specific partner has a mission to support A1 Positives community and management groups.

Formal Partners are partnership organisations who are working directly with A1 Positive Recycling to deliver and co-manage the project. Such partners may be drawn from the voluntary, statutory or commercial sector. In this case there will be an identifiable contribution in terms of service delivery management. Some of these contributions may attract remuneration for services, e.g. bookkeeping, payroll, administration and management, and service delivery.

However, it would be expected that such services would be provided on a not-for-profit and voluntary basis to support the non-profit enterprise to help it grow.

Neil's looking for people who can offer practical-hands-on-help to support the project to becoming part of our management team and be part of our board of members with the management team = Together, Each, Accomplishes, More. (The Management Team Guide plus my true portfolio showing a large lack of practical-hands-on-help and support in Exeter and Devon since 1994 Attached).

TEAM = Together, Each, Accomplishes, More

*Help Save The Environment To Save The World*

Tel: 01392 202 779 / 0800 999 3833

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