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Polycart Benefits

Most people hear the word plastic and instantly assume that the product is bad for the environment, however plastic trolleys are actually BETTER for the environment, and here’s why:

  • Sturdy non-deformable plastic means Polycart Shopping Trolleys never lose their original shape; metal trolleys when bent, can suffer from wheel alignment issues making them difficult to steer and uncomfortable to push.
  • Silent high-quality castors, (with added hubcaps to prevent thread tangling) aid in-store maneuverability
  • Attractive, innovative design with a choice of colours to help stores stand out from the crowd
  • Branded handles as standard at no extra cost
  • Long life span – Polycart trolleys do not rust, have a very low steal rate (due to no scrap value) and require very little maintenance
  • 3 Year Warranty as standard
  • Minimise impact damage on people, cars and shop fittings; unlike a metal trolley, Polycart trolleys have rounded edges and lightly flex so cushioning the impact
  • Eco-friendly by design; Polycart trolleys are fully recyclableat end of life and energy consumption in manufacturing, transport and recycling are much lower than with metal trolleys
  • The material and the pigments used in manufacture are all approved for contact with food
  • Different design does not mean different configuration; all the usual accessories such as bag hooks, child seats, coin locks etc. are available
  • All Polycart trolleys are RFID ready
  • Plastic Polycart carts are more resistant to corrosion as well as impacts. We estimate a useful life of more than 10 year


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