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Our Rust Proofing Solutions are the perfect fit fo by

Our Rust Proofing Solutions are the perfect fit fo

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Here at Rustbuster, we have over 25 years of experience servicing customers who need to remove annoying and frustrating rust problems, or customers who are looking to prevent problems happening in the first place. Over the years, it’s been our mission in this industry to provide the highest quality products at affordable prices, in order to fit within any budgetary constraints whilst maintaining the standard of our products. Today, we’re going to discuss three Corrolan options we provide, including rust proofing product ranges, services and kits, and how they can benefit you moving forward, so you can stop the development of rust at source before it becomes a major issue.
Corrolan Sustainable Rust Proofing Products
Our Corrolan Sustainable Rust Proofing product range consists of Corrolan Pure, Corrolan Penetrator and Corrolan Turbo. All of these products are made from the sustainable resource lanolin, also known as wool oil; we like to call it ‘Ramsoil’ and we supply it in the three forms named above. Corrolan Pure is an oil with a varying viscosity depending on the time of year it’s applied; in the summer the consistency is like that a of a heavy oil, in winter it has a much more grease-like composition. Corrolan Penetrator is a ready to apply lanolin oil that has a reduced viscosity, which makes it great for regular maintenance and cavity injection. Corrolan Turbo is a solvent generally used for thinning and cleaning purposes. The fact that these Corrolan Ramsoil rust proofing fluid and grease kits are all sustainable products that don’t rely on refined fossil fuel oils, like many products currently on the market, make them a product that will allow our customers to contribute in their own way by using products that are naturally occurring and don’t damage the environment.
Corrolan Rust Proofing Injection Kit
Utilising our Corrolan Sustainable Rust Proofing product range can be done via a variety of methods, be it by brush, rag or spray. What we do recommend is that Corrolan Penetrator is used in conjunction with our Corrolan Rust Proofing Injection Kits. The benefit of this kit is that it can apply rust proofing treatment to hard-to-reach places with its long injection probe and flexible spray extension. It can also do coating covers by utilising a fan spray tip perfect for coating panels you may want to protect from rust damage. Using the Corrolan Rust Proofing Injection Kit is simple and it’s a great way of achieving an even coat as well as getting to difficult places on your vehicle.
Corrolan Rust Proofing Service
The Corrolan Rust Proofing service once again utilises lanolin-based rust protection, which is applied by first preparing the vehicle with a steam clean and salt removers, then drying the vehicle before coating the underbody in Corrolan wax and injecting all the vehicle cavities, sills, subframes, door pillars, doors, quarter panels and the bonnet and boot panels with Corrolan Wax. This service permeates into rust layers, creating a self-healing barrier that won’t chip or crack, protecting vital structural areas of the vehicle from taking rust damage as well as stopping any existing rust in its tracks. It should be noted that this service is available for vehicles that are under 3 years old.
Prices for our products, kits and services are all competitive; prices for the Corrolan rust proofing products start at £6.60 (inc. VAT), our Corrolan proofing injection kit starts at £119.40 (inc. VAT) and the full-body coating Corrolan rust proofing service starts at £250 (exc. VAT). If you need more information on these services, or if you want to discuss your project further, don’t hesitate to call or email us.
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