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Maximise uptime for valves in wastewater treatment

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LINAK actuators are very easy to mount, easy to integrate, they are reliable and maintenance is obsolete. Using LINAK electric actuators may change traditional operation of valves in water and wastewater treatment plants completely.

Three simple steps! That is all it takes to mount a LINAK actuator system on a slide gate, sluice gate/penstock, gate or knife gate valve. LINAK offers a highly reliable actuator solution ideal for valve automation in wastewater treatment plants. 

LINAK electric actuators are built on years of experience. They are designed for harsh outdoor environments and the actuator system is so easy to install that it can be performed by site workers, saving both time and resources from the start.

Mount in three simple steps
LINAK actuators for wastewater treatment plants come with a specially designed bracket for easy mounting. First, fix the actuator to the bracket and mount the bracket onto the valve. The bracket is designed for universal ISO flanges F07 and F10, which are commonly used in the industry. Next, connect the control unit WCU to the actuator and connect the control unit to the power supply and to the SCADA. From here, all you need to do is set the open/close positions on the valve. Plug & Play™!

Enjoy a service-friendly valve solution
The easy do-it-yourself mounting and installation also makes automation of manual valves and the exchange of existing actuators swift and trouble-free. No need for external service engineers. Any site worker can perform this task. Moreover, LINAK actuators are thoroughly tested and built for harsh environments, and are maintenance-free by default. In short, the LINAK actuator system is a very service-friendly valve automation solution.


Consider investing in new technologies and optimise your return on investment
LINAK ensures easy renewal and replacement of ageing valve automation solutions for wastewater plants, with the easy-to-handle and service-friendly system. Also, the acquisition cost and the energy consumption are significantly lower compared to traditional solutions in the market.

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