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Make the Desk Control™ App your own by

Make the Desk Control™ App your own

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Now it is possible to add your own logo, your brand colours, and your own weblinks to the LINAK Desk Control™ App, and thereby increase brand awareness everywhere your office desks go.

LINAK has made it possible for you to customise your Desk Control™ App for office desks. This enables you to direct traffic to your corporate website and create more brand awareness. With the new option for app customisation, you can:

  • include your logo
  • choose a background colour to match your brand
  • add weblinks to give easy access to product info and support menus

Overall, the Desk Control App makes the user’s smartphone work like a physical Desk Panel using Bluetooth® Wireless Technology. The user can drive the desk up and down, store up to four favourite desk height positions, use the sit-stand reminder function and activate the automatic drive function (full versions only)

By tailoring the design of the Desk Control™ App, you or your customers can increase focus on a selected brand(s) among customers and end-users – and make it abundantly clear who designed the height adjustable desk. 

Ready to get started?
You will be surprised to experience how easy it is to get your customised Desk Control App. Only a few simple steps and your brand is visible to your customers. 
Start by calling your local LINAK office and explain how you would like your app to appear.

Your customised app is always up-to-date
When we add updates or add features to the standard LINAK Desk Control App, you will receive updates for your customised app as well. Basically, the only thing you will have to do is to ensure to upload the app to your personal AppStore and Google Play account – increasing your brand awareness and making it easy for your customers to find your app. 

More news on the way
LINAK will continue to support and develop the Desk Control App, so keep an eye on our newsfeed or subscribe and tailor your own feed at the bottom of this page. If you want to know more about the Desk Control™ App in general follow the links on this page, or read the news story: ‘Adjust your office desk using the Desk Control App for smartphones’.

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