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Leadership in High-Hazard Environments

‘Randy has the rare gift of being able to take the research literature and present it in a way that is interesting and relevant to operational personnel. As a veteran US Marine Corps aviator he knows how to lead in dangerous environments. This is a refreshing and useful text. A must have for team leaders working in high hazard domains.’ – Paul O’Connor, Lecturer in Primary Care, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland

Team Leadership in High-Hazard Environments is unique in that its focus is on the management requirements to lead successfully and achieve stellar safety performance in high-risk industries. Adherence to the model presented in this book will transform traditional views on safety leadership. Hands-on tools to take team leadership to a higher level are provided.’ – Fred A. Manuele, President, Hazards Limited, USA

Safety performance is a complicated issue, particularly in high-hazard environments, where time and other constraints, as well as impacts can be exaggerated. From an organizational and business perspective, safety and production/performance are often seen as competing goals.Team Leadership in HighHazard Environments recognizes these difficulties and constraints and proposes an approach to safety leadership in which safety and organizational performance are inextricably linked; one that addresses safety from both the systems and human factors perspectives.This is an important book that draws on techniques and models developed from crew resource management, human factors, risk management as well as more traditional HR management disciplines.


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