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Lamp Holder Selection Guide by

Lamp Holder Selection Guide

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At Sinolec we offer several different types of Edison screw lamp holder. There are two common types; E14 and E27 (E26 in the USA). The number reference in these types refers to the diameter of the bulb thread, so, for the E27 lamp holder this has a thread diameter of 27mm. E14 lamp holders are also known as SES (small Edison Screw) lamp holders, E27 lamp holders are also known as ES (Edison Screw) lamp holders. Sinolec also stock the larger version in this range, which is the E40, or GES (Giant Edison screw) lamp holder, however this is not such a common item.
Lamp Holder Body Materials
Our range of Edison lamp holders is available in three material options; plastic, bakelite and ceramic, also known as porcelain. The main difference in these materials is their ability to withstand high temperatures, however many customers may also choose a material based on appearance; bakelite lamp holders are more suitable for use in retro or traditional lamps than a plastic lamp holder may be. Generally you can use the following as a guide for which material to choose; plastic 210ºC (T210), bakelite 190ºC (T190) and ceramic up to 230ºC (T230). The higher the wattage of bulb the more heat is generated. For high heat and / or wattage requirements and special use bulbs such as heat lamps, ceramic lamp holders are normally the best option.
Pendant or Table / Standard Lamp
Several of our lamp holders come with a 10mm thread in the base. This thread can be used either to mount onto a threaded stem at the neck of the table or standard lamp or it can be used to add a strain relief cord grip to hold onto the power cable and allow the lamp holder to be used in a pendant lamp (i.e. a lamp fitting that hangs from the ceiling). We offer two different types of strain relief cord grips in several colour options.
Differences in Body Types
Our plastic and bakelite lamp holder ranges come with a variety of body options; non threaded, half threaded and full threaded. These options are provided for different installation types; if you are looking for a lamp holder for a pendant installation with a lamp shade, you may prefer a lamp holder with a half threaded body. This type of lamp holder has a 'stop' against which you can mount the lamp shade and then secure this with a lamp shade ring.
Electrical Connections
Our bakelite and ceramic lamp holder ranges come with separate electrical connectors due to the limitations of design and manufacturing with these materials. The electrical connectors are assembled into the body during installation and then lock in place. After assembly it is extremely difficult to separate these parts as a safety consideration to ensure that live wires cannot be accessed. These types of electrical connectors are suitable for use with solid core wires and multi stranded wires. Our plastic lamp holders have a moulded in electrical connector featuring push wire connectors. These connectors allow faster assembly. When a wire is pushed into the connector it is automatically held firmly in place. For these types of connectors it is recommended to use solid core wires or wires that have been strengthened by solder dipping or other means.
Lamp Shade Rings
Lamp rings are available for all plastic and bakelite E27 and E14 lamp holders. E27 lamp holder rings are 58-59mm in diameter 11mm high and with an internal diameter of 38mm. E14 lamp holder rings are 35mm in diameter 7.5mm high and with an internal diameter of 26.5mm.
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