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Innovative Rust Proofing Solutions

Here at Rustbusters, our aim is not only to provide our customers with great rust proofing products and services, but to also continually improve what we do by using the latest innovations in our industry. We are currently pleased to announce that we are introducing Techshield products into our range, and offering our customers a special 20% discount on the range with the discount code: Techshield Promo 2018. All you have to do is remember to enter this code at the checkout. Today, we’re going to focus on letting you know more about the Techshield product range, as well as some other great rust proofing solutions.
Techshield Waxes
Techshield-Pro UBC Spray Gun
The Techshield-Pro UBC spray gun is manufactured in Germany, and it is possible to use it for both pro body shop and industrial applications. Although it is possible to use a brush to apply some waxes, a spray gun allows you to adjust the pattern of the under-body coating so that you can match the original OE pattern. This product really helps you achieve a quick and professional finish, and exchange of canisters is easier than a standard screw-on gun because it is places inside a pressure vessel.
Techshield Rust Proofing Kits
Included in our Techshield Rust Proofing Kits are the necessary waxes, and industrial and equipment for application. These kits come with a professional wax injection gun including a cavity probe and underbody tip, FE123 Rust Converter, Techshield Cavity Wax, Techshield Underbody wax a 10mm drill bit and 10mm cavity injection plugs. Aerosol kits are also available for those with a need, the cavity aerosols come with an attachable injection tube as well.
Techshield Corrolan
Included in our Techshield range, it is worth mentioning the Corrolan range of products. The fluid and grease products are made using a unique blending process, combining wool wax and corrosion inhibitors. Wool wax is a natural extract from Lanolin, found in sheep’s wool. You can also find out about how we use these products to offer a rust proofing service to vehicles that are under three years old.
Contact Us
If you would like to find out more about our Techshield products, or any others, please get in contact with us at Rustbusters by referring to our contact page. A member of our team will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about our range of products and services.