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How going from analogue to digital can improve hea

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When LINAK released the basic OpenBus™ system based on the control box CO41 and the control panel ACOM for adjustable healthcare applications, it opened the doors to a number of beneficial features in regard to efficiency, safety, and patient comfort.

Exchanging the analogue actuator solution on, for example, your adjustable hospital bed with a digital system based on OpenBus™, you will immediately discover several improvements to your bed. The most distinctive being the change from one movement at the time to highly coordinated movement patterns. 

Instead of moving the backrest to a desired position and then doing the same with the leg support and then perhaps lower the bed height, OpenBus™ allows you to press just one button and have the bed go from a horizontal position to a TV/Chair position. 

OpenBus™ also enables Hi/Lo movement in parallel drive of two actuators. This ensures a 100% horizontal movement of the healthcare bed. 

Intuitive control panels to make it easy for everyone
The ACOM has one-button-touch with clear and self-explanatory icons on the control panel interface. This makes changing position easy as pie – both for the care staff and for the patient. The lock-out function is distinctly marked with a ‘key’-icon and allows healthcare staff to lock one or more actuators, preventing the patient from accidently causing harmful movements, for example, in case of a broken leg.



OpenBus™ helps you improve safety
Several features – even with a basic digital system – will help improve safety around your adjustable medical application. For hospital beds LINAK OpenBus™ systems come with trend/anti-trend functions as well as a CPR-button – making it possible to go directly to an emergency position with a one-button-touch.

In addition to this, going digital with LINAK ensures that your actuators stop immediately in case of short circuits or squeezed cables, i.e. no unintended movement can occur when you use a LINAK OpenBus™ system – basic or advanced.

In other words, going from analogue to digital, and thereby accessing the numerous value-adding features, is no longer overwhelming. A system consisting of, for example, the CO41, ACOM, a linear actuator LA40 with a hand control HB70 is an ideal and affordable start of a digital era in hospitals.

OpenBus Technology
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