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Four Benefits of Using Rustbuster Solutions by

Four Benefits of Using Rustbuster Solutions

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With over twenty-five years of industry experience under our belt, in 2016 Rustbuster were able to launch our very own range of products under the name ‘Techshield’. Products within this range include Underbody wax, Cavity wax, Heat Resistant Clear, Military Specification Mil-Spec Wax and Corrolan. Today we’re going to tell you four great benefits for choosing us for your rust busting requirements.
What we love about our Corrolan Norwegian Formula rust proofing solution is that it is a natural product. Extracted from lanolin, which is found in sheep’s wool, it is made with an original blend of wool wax and corrosion inhibitors. This enables us to stop rust on contact as it penetrates deeply into any existing rust layers to form a self-healing barrier. This barrier will never chip or crack, and is therefore ideal for maintenance of whatever vehicle, including applications on cavities and underbodies.
Old and New
It may be the case that you have an old vehicle that is beginning to show signs of rusting. For this, it is always best to tackle the issue as soon as you spot it. By using our range of products, we are able to help you maintain any old car with our unbeatable solutions. We also highly recommend that you avoid any future problems with rust by coming to us with your new vehicle. We have a solution for all vehicles no matter the age.
The Whole Package
We offer our products as individual items, as well as full kits. With our rust proofing kits, you can get the whole package to enable you to have the perfect rust prevention. These include a professional wax injection gun including a cavity probe and underbody tip, FE123 Rust Converter, Techshield Cavity Wax, Techshield Underbody wax a 10mm drill bit and 10mm cavity injection plugs. It is also possible to obtain aerosol kits, which come with an attachable injection tube. New kits are soon to be launched in 2018.
Products and Services
As well as our wide range of products, we also provide several rust proofing services. If you have a new or old vehicle that requires attention why not book a Full Rust Proofing Service, this service includes Steam Cleaning the vehicle with our Chlor-x Salt remover, Drying the vehicle with Infa-Red and 8hp of warm air, removing all loose and friable material back to a firm edge leaving no islands. Any rust left behind in the pits of the metal is then converted with our FE123 Rust Converter before all Cavity’s and Underbody is coated with your chosen Techshield Product. 
Contact Us
For more information about our Techshield Range of products, or any other products listed on our website, please get in touch with us at Rustbusters through our contact page. We will be pleased to assist you with any queries you may have about our selection of products and services.
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