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Destec Engineering ltd

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Destec is synonymous with innovation engineering high-quality connectors for the oil & gas industry. Destec has been in business for over 46 years and still a family owned company run by the director Mr. Barry Porter.  The engineers at Destec are coming up with new ideas for the subsea connections as the market becomes more innovated and complicated. The first GSB Single bolt clamp that Destec sold into the market was in 1984 and still to this day it is in Service in the North Sea, this shows the quality that Destec achieves. All of the products are fully traceable, manufactured and inspected at Destec’s Factory in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, this gives Destec a greater control over the products that it produces, and with our major customers like ExxonMobil, BP, Shell, Onesubsea, Chevron & GE only the best will do! Destec has a very well skilled workforce with most of the staff working at Destec for 25 years on average, but soon Destec will need more staff to cope with the foreseeable work.

This year has been good so far for Destec even with the uncertainty of the oil industry and not knowing when it will recover, with new product & onsite machining contracts with chemical companies in the UK & Asia, also extending the pricing agreement with one of their biggest clients for the next 5 years. Destec have made some vital investment for new machines to keep ahead of the game, and in the last two years, Destec have spent around 1.7 million. The latest machine to arrive is the KARL DEUTSCH Deutroflux UWS 1500 Magnetic Partial Bench which has a two Phase-Shifted AC magnet and automatic coil, the length will cope with the Destec 24” subsea clamps and a weight of 500kg which was bought though Fidgeon Ltd.


Destec have been using Fidgeon for many years now for the supply of its NDT equipment, and Fidgeon Limited has been supplying non-destructive testing industries for over 40 years. During this time distributorships have been formed with many of the world’s leading NDT equipment & consumable manufacturers.


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