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Design for Policy

Design for Policy is the first publication to chart the emergence of collaborative design approaches to innovation in public policy. Drawing on contributions from a range of the world’s leading academics, design practitioners and public managers, it provides a rich, detailed analysis of design as a tool for addressing public problems and capturing opportunities for achieving better and more efficient societal outcomes.

In his introduction, Christian Bason suggests that design may offer a fundamental reinvention of the art and craft of policy making for the twenty-first century. From challenging current problem spaces to driving the creative quest for new solutions and shaping the physical and virtual artefacts of policy implementation, design holds a significant yet largely unexplored potential.

The book is structured in three main sections, covering the global context of the rise of design for policy, in-depth case studies of the application of design to policy making, and a guide to concrete design tools for policy intent, insight, ideation and implementation. The summary chapter lays out a future agenda for design in government, suggesting how to position design more firmly on the public policy stage.

'Design for Policy is a valuable and fresh insight into policymaking. It underscores the urgent need to bring design to the very heart of modern public policy. Through highly pertinent and illuminating examples from a variety of fields, this book shows that it is possible to transform the policy making process and make it much more innovative. I hope that policymakers across Europe will read it, so that they can become policy designers – and we can shape together the future we aspire to.’ – Maire Geoghegan-Quinn, European Commissioner, Research, Innovation & Science

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