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Circular separating machine for corn syrup powder

Industrial separator provides two fractions of starch-based food and beverage sweetener powder

Sweeteners form an integral part of global food and beverage production. Sweeteners can be manufactured from a range of natural products, most commonly fruit, honey or corn, and are added to a range of processed foods. Such food additives are controlled by food safety regulations, to ensure the quality of processed foods. Therefore, the quality and consistency of food additives is important, to ensure every batch can be trusted to meet strict weights and measures regulations. Because of this, the higher the quality and consistency of a sweetener, the greater its value.

In this demonstration video, a high fructose corn syrup powder is graded using the Finex Separator™. This high efficiency grading sieve provides the perfect solution for separating sweetener powder. Two fractions of product are separated in one continuous operation, then packaged for use in various food and beverage applications, depending on the desired cut. This type of grading separation for food ingredients can also be used for removing oversize contamination, dewatering wet material, and de-dusting.

The Finex Separator™ can provide up to five accurate fractions of product and delivers significantly higher throughput than conventional round separators. This vibratory grading sieve is operator friendly, with patented rubber suspension providing lower noise levels, and hygienic panwork is available to meet the sanitary needs of the food and beverage industry. The units can also be fully enclosed, to not only protect operators from potentially harmful dust and fumes, but also further protect the product from contamination.

Watch the demonstration video here.

Russell Finex, a global leader in industrial sieving and filtration technology, has been supplying food classification and separation equipment to the industry for 85 years. To discover how a range of solutions could benefit your food production line, contact Russell Finex today.

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