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Bristle Blaster and MBX Surface Cleaning Tools by

Bristle Blaster and MBX Surface Cleaning Tools

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Don’t allow rust to ruin your life!
Searching for effective surface protection solutions? With the right rust removal tool, even the grubbiest of surfaces can be sparkling once again. That’s why at Rustbuster, we offer excellent solutions for rust removal, strong enough to tackle even the trickiest of surfaces. With our range of both MBX tools and industrial bristle blaster belts, we’re bound to have the perfect rust removal solution for you no matter the size of the task!
MBX Blaster
The MBX blaster tool is a process that uses a rotary bristle tool specially designed for effectively achieving the removal of corrosion. The MBX metal blaster is appropriate for use on car body parts and other automotive requirements.
Benefits of the MBX blaster tool:
It effectively achieves corrosion removal without any grinding or polishing during operation.
The MBX wheel generates compressive residual stress against the metal whilst in operation, providing crack growth resistance, improved corrosion resistance and enhancing the longevity of the metal.
The MBX tool treats metal without creating thermal damage or leaving heat markings.
The use of a high-quality bristle blasting tool eliminates the need for other costly and abrasive blast equipment for removing corrosion from surfaces.
Our MBX surface blaster products include:
The MBX Automotive Metal Blaster
This is the ideal tool for surface preparation, as it is a MBX system different from any other because of its specialist design. The MBX Automotive Metal Blaster is installed with flexible belts that are inserted loosely into a cage-like adaptor system. The rotation of the belt generates centrifugal force that then causes the belt to tighten and work as if suspended on an air cushion. The vibration of the bristles when striking the surface is adsorbed by the air cushion. The bristles re-strike the target surface at rest without vibration to achieve maximum kinetic energy.
The MBX Automotive Die Blaster
This machine is designed for perfect surface preparation and rust removal in hard to reach areas such as door rabbets, roof joints and wheel housings. The patented air cooling system extends the life of each MBX Die Blaster belt whilst is low working speed and the light and compact design ensures a high degree of work safety and an easy, flexible handling. This MBX Automotive Die Blaster effectively reduces surface preparation time and delivers superior performance.
Industrial bristle blaster
As well as the MBX bristle blaster, we also offer industrial bristle blasters for more demanding applications such as for tackling corrosion on structural steel and pipelines. The industrial bristle blaster effectively cleans up metal, achieving a near white metal cleaning finish.
Get in contact
Please do not hesitate to get in contact if you are interested in any of our bristle blasters or if you would like any more information. Similarly, if you require any assistance in selecting the right product for your need, please do get in contact.
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