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A look back at 2021 and forward into 2022

With Christmas now a fast-fading memory and the dark winter days now starting to show the slightest glimmer of lengthening, it’s the perfect moment to take a brief look back and a considered look forward to the coming year. 

I think everyone can agree 2021 brought some significant challenges for everyone, across every walk of life, affecting multiple businesses. The combined trial of Covid and Brexit created a perfect storm of supply chain issues, skills shortages and uncertainty.

We, as a company, have not been immune to these challenges, but despite this, it was a successful year for SAS. We’ve seen increased sales with housebuilding, commercial development, and an increase in homeowners undertaking improvement projects, providing some of our best results ever.

The rendering and plastering community have proved highly resilient and continued to undertake excellent projects across the country.

So, what about the next year? I hear you ask.

The emergence of Omicron, of course, has brought further challenges to organisations this winter, with the effects of large numbers isolating. However, the vaccine booster roll-out has been moving at pace, and it’s with cautious optimism that the current wave will subside in due course.

Therefore, I hope the industry will take advantage of new opportunities with winter waning and render season commencing. SAS will continue to deliver the excellent products, services, and advice we are known for.

Our hope for the next year is to grow the business, diversify our product offering and provide even more outstanding service to our expanding customer base. This winter, we introduced 12 exciting new colours to our ProRend Colourtex range. We’ll be updating our colour range regularly to reflect the latest property renovation and construction trends.

We also plan to increase the number of training courses we offer over the coming year, capitalising on facilities at our superb training academy in Cheriton Bishop, Devon.

Our new tool catalogue will be released shortly. It offers a range of excellent quality tools that augment our product offering with a view to SAS providing a one-stop-shop for the industry.

We wish all our customers a successful and safe 2022. We endeavour to offer excellence and look forward to serving you soon.

Kindest Regards

Claire Reddaway
Operations Director

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