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Without a doubt, LinkedIn is an excellent way of online networking amongst the B2B Community. With 766 million users, it’s something pretty mega to be part of. There are so many tools that you can use to engage with people in your target industry and keep in touch with business insights & updates.

In this article, we’re going to explore some simple ways to make your LinkedIn Profile more engaging to prospective leads & be more successful in using LinkedIn as part of your marketing and sales strategy.

Use the LinkedIn Tools provided

Probably the most obvious one! If LinkedIn is giving you some profile suggestions, listen to them! They’ll give you an indicator of how well your profile is set up & if it thinks you should add anything (e.g. qualifications, career information). This is a great place to start.

Keep engaging with your connections

By far one of the most important things to keep on top of is engagement with your connections. Being connected to someone and then ignoring them is actually worse than not being connected to them at all. Take the time to ‘react’ to their content, comment on the occasional post and make sure you’re keeping engaged with what they post. There’s nothing more powerful than building a rapport with someone, by doing this, your connection will already know who you are without you even having to post yourself, or run any sort of sales technique.

Create quality posts & content

It’s worth taking the time to write or create something with real value. It’s tempting to just post the occasional link here and there to show that you’re active on LinkedIn, but the biggest success will come from quality and interesting content. There’s a number of layers at play here, but the first is the LinkedIn algorithm. LinkedIn will know whether your post is useful to people and will rank it accordingly. The other part is to create something eye catching, so your connections will engage with it. This engagement also adds to the success in the algorithm. Success with the algorithm means that LinkedIn will rank your content and determine how it’ll display to your connections in their news feeds.

The way LinkedIn works also is that the more you post, the better your ranking. So the more you’re able to come up with fresh and engaging content, the better you’ll rank and appear across the news feeds of your connections.

Choose a decent profile image

Users with a professional headshot image get over 14 TIMES more profile views than those with a snapshot image. It’s one of the first things that people will see when you’re engaging with content, sending them a connection request or searching through member listings. So, this is fundamental to having a successful LinkedIn profile.

I’d be tempted to get a few headshots done, with different backgrounds, wearing different color tops and from slightly different angles – and then trial them! You’ll soon find a successful one.

Always personalise your messaging

Just imagine how many connection requests are made each day, now imagine how many of those are using the same default template to send out. Don’t be one of those, always personalise the message that gets sent out when requesting connections!

But what should you say?

  • Tell them why you want to connect with them
  • Talk to them about their business, or if you’ve seen something interesting they have posted
  • Explain to them who you are, and what you might be able to offer


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