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Certified Reference Materials

Bellingham and Stanley Ltd.

For regular verification of laboratory instrumentation. Maintaining primary importance in a modern manufacturing facility, not only for reasons of quality control but also as an assurance of plant efficiency. Depending on the instrument type, applicati …


Abbe 60 DR & 95 Refractometers

Bellingham and Stanley Ltd.

The latest designs incorporate an externally mounted LED light source for sample illumination. A wavelength compensation device is used to ‘achromatise' to the mean sodium wavelength (589.3nm). Refractive Index can be read directly from a sca …


PRH Process Refractometer

Bellingham and Stanley Ltd.

The PRH range of digital in-line refractometers derives from the successful technology used in the RFM laboratory refractometers, which are used in QA laboratories world-wide. PRH units have been further designed to withstand the rigours of industrial …


Hand Held Instrumentation

Bellingham and Stanley Ltd.

Hand held refractometers are manufactured in the UK as highly reliable premium quality instruments suitable for use in the harshest of environments across a wide application scope. They may be used to control the dissolved solids or blend ratios of num …

Controls & Instrumentation

Pro-Juice Refractometer

Bellingham and Stanley Ltd.

The Pro-Juice solves the traditional problems of refractometric analysis of orange juice measurement by carefully combining dynamic measurement with intelligent thermal conditioning. The system employs a peristaltic pump to keep the sample in constant …

Food & Drink

Refractometers & Polarimeters

Bellingham and Stanley Ltd.

The pharmaceutical industry has now become a key market for Bellingham + Stanley, as the latest RFM900 refractometers and ADP440+ polarimeter satisfy both measurement and operational requirements of EP/USP/BP and FDA regulations 21 CFR Part 11. “Pharma …

Chemical & Pharmaceutical

Digital Refractometers & Polarimeters

Bellingham and Stanley Ltd.

Precision measurement of concentration and purity in laboratory or factory environments

Controls & Instrumentation

Model D7 Polarimeter

Bellingham and Stanley Ltd.

For over 40-years, the Model D Polarimeter and sodium lamp outfit has been the primary choice of leading industrial and academic institutions throughout the world, offering practical assessment of optically active materials combined with high accuracy …


OPTi+ Digital Hand Held Refractometers

Bellingham and Stanley Ltd.

OPTi+ hand held refractometers extend the measuring range of the successful half Brix OPTi launched in 2011. Covering the complete Brix range, a number of scale derivatives are available making the OPTi+ a perfect instrument for a wide range of applica …

Building & Construction

Abbe 60 ED & LR Refractometers

Bellingham and Stanley Ltd.

The high accuracy models are designed for use with monochromatic light sources such as the sodium and spectral range available from Bellingham+Stanley. A PC program for conversion of scale readings to refractive index (RI) or Brix (Sugar%) is available …


Abbe 5 Refractometer

Bellingham and Stanley Ltd.

Ideally suited for use where a wide refractive index measurement range is required such as in small contract laboratories or applications where sample throughput is relatively low. The instrument is also ideal for practical demonstrations and experimen …

Here at Bellingham & Stanley Ltd. we are digital refractometer & polarimeter manufacturers based in the UK and Atlanta, USA.

About Bellingham and Stanley Ltd.

Here at Bellingham & Stanley Ltd. we are digital refractometer & polarimeter manufacturers based in the UK and Atlanta, USA.

We are proud to celebrate 100 years at the forefront of measurement technology and we offer our customers a wide range of refractometers & polarimeters via a network of trained distributors.

The ranges of Refractometers are split into three categories and include:

Hand Held:
Digital OPTi Food & Beverage
Beverage Fruit Grape Beer Canning
OPTi Life Science
OPTi Industrial
General Purpose
Heat Transfer
OPTi Custom

Hand Held: Optical
Eclipse Professional
e line ATC
e line 80
e line Gemological

Laboratory / Bench
RFM700 (Digital),
RFM712 (Brix), RFM732 (Brix), RFM742 (Brix), RFM745 (Brix)
RFM300+ Peltier (Digital)
RFM900-T touchscreen Peltier refractometers
RFM960RFM970RFM990 Flow Model
RFM990 for manufacturers of aqueous urea solutions used in the automotive industry (AUS32)
Pro Juice (Digital) refractometer for orange juice yield control
Abbe 5 (Optical) for education
Abbe 60 (Optical) refractometer for research at many wavelengths
Spectral Sources

The ranges of Polarimeters we supply include:
ADP410 Polarimeter
ADP440+ single wavelength (589nm) Polarimeter
ADS420 Saccharimeter
ADS480 NIR (850nm) Saccharimeter
ADP600 multiple wavelngth polarimeters with Peltier control
Model D7 for education and small volume users

We also offer a range of accessories and calibration materials. We are proud to offer our customers a friendly and rapid-response technical advisory service. 

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